Backpacking course
Duration: 2 weeks
Recommended Group Size: 15-30
Initiative Outdoor offers outdoor education courses into the wilderness for school aged students. Students will meet new challenges while taking part in ...
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For those who have had some opportunities to experience and practice leadership but are ready to take it to the next level, get ready! Through adventure elements like backpacking, rock climbing, and rappelling students will be pushed outside of their comfort zones and learn about leadership in an outdoor setting. This expedition is open to anyone ages 16-24, regardless of your experience or background in the outdoors.


The course will take place in the Bandipur Initiative outdoor Thumpka camp. Students will experience the beauty and the challenge that the mountains provide. Surrounded by limestone walls, caves, and rugged mountains. instructors will lead students through a variety of wilderness experiences.

What to expect?

This course puts an equal emphasis on the student’s outdoor leadership skill development. 


Upon completion of this course, the student will gain confidence in a group of his or her peers. Each student will be provided with the opportunity to lead the group. Students will also demonstrate their comprehension of the curriculum as they practice backpacking, camping, cooking, climbing, and rappelling skills.

Groups welcome, start planning your courses today.

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