Nissan Thapa
Outdoor Educator / Expedition leader / Adventure Photographer
Nissan grew up in the foothills of the Nepali Himalayas to the west of Pokhara and spent every available moment exploring the region by foot or playing in the rapids on the Aadhi Khola River. His passion for outdoor life started after his college. when he went to work for the family adventure sports business, offering him the opportunity to raft and kayak many of Nepal’s pristine rivers, rock climb, and trek in the mountain of Nepal.

 Much of Nissan's expertise comes from initiative outdoor and ultimate descent Nepal.‭ with nearing 8years of experience in the outdoors, Nissan is passionate about his country and culture and loves to explore his home and share the joys of Nepal with others. He is a climber, paddler, photographer, and outdoor educator. he also worked in the Nepal River Conservation Trust to save the river of Nepal. He is WFR certified and also a WRTP (White Water Technician Pro