Learning by Experience

Meet Our Team

Chandra Ale


Chandra has been living and working outdoors sports since the late‭ ‘‬80s.‭ ‬He has trekked extensively throughout Nepal in the Annapurna,‭ ‬the Khumbu,‭ the ‬Ganesh Himal and Langtang regions.‭ ‬He started working as a river guide in‭ ‬1992‭ ‬and has progressed through a series of roles such as trip leader,‭ ‬senior guide,‭ ‬operations manager including ‭completing the first Nepali descent of the Maha Kali and Upper Seti rivers ‭(‬1999‭)‬,‭ both of which are solid Class V whitewater. Chandra has both worked professionally and explored personal goals outside of Nepal,‭ ‬on rivers and in mountains,‭ ‬in fields such such as ice-climbing in Norway,‭ ‬rafting in Japan‭ ‬and Canada and climbing and trekking in the USA.‭ ‬

Much of Chandra’s expertise comes from the National Outdoor Leadership School‭ (NOLS‭) in Wyoming, USA.‭ ‬ He is a registered instructor with Rescue3‭ ‬International and SOLO School of Wilderness Medicine ‬based in‭ ‬USA. He works as the lead instructor in‭ ‬Wilderness First Aid,‭ ‬Swiftwater and Whitewater Rescue. Having seen the emphasis placed on outdoor education, rescue, first aid and professionalism in other countries, Chandra is determined to bring the same personal development skills to Nepal’s youth and tourism industry to ensure they are not denied the same well-rounded education as being offered overseas.

Nishan Thapa


Nissan grew up in the foothills of the Nepali Himalayas to the west of Pokhara and spent every available moment exploring the region by foot, or playing in the rapids on the Aadhi Khola River. His passion for the outdoor life started after his collage. when he went to work for the family adventure sports business, offering him the opportunity to raft and kayak many of Nepal’s pristine rivers , rock climbing and trekking in the mountain of nepal.

Much of Nissan expertise comes from rescue 3 south Asia, initiative outdoor and ultimate descent Nepal .‭ with nearing 7years of experience in outdoor ,Nissan is passionate about his country and culture and loves to explore his home and to share the joys of Nepal with others. He is an climber, paddler, photographer and outdoor educator. he also worked in the Nepal River Conservation Trust to save the river of Nepal. He is a WFA certified and also a WRTP (White Water Technician Pro).