Rescue Courses at Initiative Outdoor

Swiftwater Rescue Technician (SRT)

The Swiftwater Rescue Technician course is designed to help rescuers aid others and at the same time help themselves. These courses are not clinics or workshops but are comprehensive, competency based programs.

Each course is delivered with a minimum of class time; skills are developed on the riverbank and in the water. Practical skills taught include self-rescue, swiftwater swimming and the fundamentals of shore, boat and in-water rescues. Additionally students are introduced to the basics of boat handling and the fundamentals of rope rescue including mechanical advantage and anchor systems.

Whitewater Rescue Technician (WRT)
This course is designed specifically for professional guides, private boaters, park service personnel, and others who work or play around moving water. You will learn to use techniques and simple equipment to assess and perform river rescues. Presented in a three-day format, this course focuses on realistic problems that you may face. The emphasis is on fast, low-tech and improvised rescue techniques that are effective and require minimal equipment. You will be taught to understand whitewater dynamics, handle swiftwater hazards and obstacles, effectively use throwbags, control in-water contact rescues, set up simple rope systems, successfully extricate pinned/wrapped boats, utilize basic rescue equipment and much more. The course builds the necessary skill and confidence for you to perform safe and effective rescues.

Technical Rope Rescue Course
The rope rescue courses – water rescue and slope rescue – are certified by Rescue 3 International, a US-based Search and Rescue training center. All courses are developed in consultation with active professionals from organizations responsible for search and rescue, river guiding, whitewater kayaking, lifesaving, police and fire fighting services.

Low to Steep Angle Rescue (LSAR)

This course is specifically designed for emergency responders to give knowledge of Low angle rope rescue skills. You will learn about anchor building, belay techniques, rappelling and utilizing mechanical advantage for raising systems. Presented in a two-day format, this course focuses to rope rescue as it applies to the mountain environment. You will be taught basic and specialized equipment, safety and scene management, anchor systems, belaying techniques, ascending and descending, lowering and raising systems, mechanical advantage systems and stretcher man lowering systems, equipment options, safety systems, the use of high lines, and patient packaging and handling techniques. You will be taught to understand and learn how to work effectively with others to initiate and complete challenging rescues under a variety of conditions. The course builds the necessary skill and confidence for you to perform safe and effective rescues.