White Water Rafting

International tourism statistics rate Nepal as one of the top 5 destinations in the World for White Water Rafting and for good reason! Rivers like the Bhote Kosi and Trisuli come roaring down from the Himlalayas picking up speed as they go through a series of waterfalls and narrow canyons in Nepal. I.O. has a range of starting points that encompass the whole spectrum of rapids, grades and riverside camping locations. Why not join us for an exciting day on the river or an overnight trip? We provide you with all the safety instruction and equipment. Our world class, internationally qualified guides will ensure your safety while giving you a white water experience you will never forget. Prepare to get very wet and wild...

Kaligandaki River Rafting

DURATION: 3 days CLASS: III+ / IV Named after "Kali" the goddess of destruction, the Kaligandaki is said to be one of Nepal's most heavenly river. Starting high on the Tibetan Plateau the "Compelling Kali" dives down through the Himalayas, cutting out one of the most profound canyons on the world between Dhaulagiri and the Annapurna Mountains. With exciting white water rapids, spectacular mountain views, traditional villages, endless suspension bridges, waterfalls, flawless wilderness rich in natural life, holy temples and beautiful white sandy beaches for camp, we consider this to be the best all round river adventure in Nepal.

Sun Kosi River- The River of Gold'

Duration: 7 to 9 days Class: IV / IV+ Sun Koshi river rafting/kayaking - great waterway excursion is popular for being one of the main ten river journey in the world. The ever changing landscape guarantees that consistently on the river is energizing and diverse. The start of the river journey sees high mountains, open valley, timberlands and little remote villages. The last days bring you to open fields and the flourishing village of Chatara. The rapids experienced toward the start of the river excursion are genuinely relaxed class 3, giving an amazing opportunity for incredible team work to really develop. As the Sun Kosi winds its way the country over the size of the rapids increment and it is not obscure for villagers watching from the riverbank to dismiss the boat in the immense waters! Sun Kosi river rafting/kayaking is a perfect river journey for those needing to join tranquil stretches of stunning scenery, some extraordinary and challenging rapids and the experience of a lengthy journey where deep rooted companionship will begin.

Karnali River

Duration: 10 days Class: IV / IV+ Nepal's longest and biggest river, the Karnali springs forward from Mount Kailash, a sacred moutain in Tibet imperative to both Buddhist and Hindu. Streaming south into Nepal, it frames the significant water streaming system for the western locale before dropping off into dramatic canyons raging with enormous big volume whitewater and eventually flowing into remote areas of pristine wilderness rich with natural life. The first half of this river journey into the "wild west" offers unbelievable whitewater excitement, usually depicted as "a thrill a minute roller coaster ride". The second 50% of the journey settles down into some more moderate & gentle rapids and eventually a relaxed float rewarded by dramatic and hugely varied pristine and unspoiled wilderness. The Karnali River journey completes at the popular Bardia National Park – the most wilderness in Nepal rich in natural life. Many consider this fantastic river journey one of the finest rafting journey in the world.


Since the first descent of the Doodh Kossi River from Everest Base Camp by kayak in the early 1970's, kayaking has really taken off as a sport in Nepal. It combines the thrill of being really close to big white water with the experience of discovering the science behind river running, risk assessment and hydrology. We will take you all the way from practicing the basics to learning technical white water skills. This can be done through a 1 day course or on a multi day river camping trip. Our internationally qualified staff will introduce you to the wonderful, unforgettable world of white water. With each new paddle stroke your self confidence will grow as you discover just how far you can push your goals