Learning by Experience

About Leadership Programs

Today’s competitive academic environment puts increasing demands on students to spend greater and greater amounts of time in the classroom, and less time pursuing other activities. Outdoor education helps develop life skills that cannot be gained in the classroom and contributes significantly to personal all-round development. In fact, these ‘out of classroom’ experiences can actually help increase the capacity for academic learning by encouraging different approaches for thinking about and solving problems. Outdoor programs instill in students a sense of responsibility, assist them in building trust, self confidence and a strong sense of team spirit. An additional benefit of outdoor education is that students learn to enjoy, respect and care for the natural environment. I.O. has specific courses designed for different activities, durations and group age/ability. I.O. will also happily work with you to custom design a course to meet your goals/needs. Please refer to the following menu to choose your course or get ideas to custom design your own.