Learning by Experience


Learn Life Skills in Nature


  • Leadership
  • Risk assessment and decision making
  • Leave No Trace
  • Camping/Cooking/Hiking
  • Basic First-Aid
  • Map and Navigation


On a backpacking expedition, you’ll learn to travel the wilderness with all of your gear on your back. You’ll learn skills like packing and carrying a backpack, navigating on and off trail in a small team, and how to make your way through different types of terrain. Depending on your course, you might encounter challenges from river crossings and thick forests.

Departure Dates




We also do custom private trips according to your time and availability.

Trip Overview

There's nothing quite like the satisfaction of walking a whole day with your whole world on your back... Except maybe taking the whole world off your back, slipping off your boots and lying back in your tent with a steaming mug of coco! This is the world of backpacking. Whether you like to meander your way slowly down a river valley, taking time to paddle your toes in the water, or you prefer stomping up a big mountain and really getting your heart rate going, backpacking is one of the easiest ways to get that little bit closer to nature.

For those with less time on their hands or who don't want to carry a big pack but still want to get out there then hiking is the sport for you. Take a picnic lunch and a jacket and with nothing more to help you than a map and compass (and an I.O guide to teach you how to use them), head off into the Great Outdoors. Where you go is in your hands...

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